Become a Geek

I believe Geekzoned is a community and you are a part of it. Here in Geekzoned, your voice matters. And I encourage you to actively participate in this community.

There are three different ways to take part in this community. The first way is to comment on the posts that are written by Geekzoned authors. You can actively share your views on a topic by replying to those posts.

Secondly, you can ask questions in the Geekzoned Forum or answer previous queries. If you’re facing any technical issues, or want to discuss some recent trend on technology – just start a discussion! And joining Geekzoned Forum is absolutely free. Plus, it takes no more than a minute.

The third way is to request an author account. If you have any experience in writing articles, and if you think you’re a geek – I’m waiting for you!

You can apply an author account using the form attached at the end of this page. But before submitting an application, make sure you abide by the following rules.


  • If your article is copied/plagiarized, I won’t publish it on Geekzoned. Your email will be blacklisted as well.
  • The article must be engaging to a reader.
  • You can not put any affiliate links.
  • You are allowed to link to other blogs only if they’re necessary to your article.
  • Unnecessary links will be clipped.
  • You can not use hate speech or abuse anyone.
  • Also, you can’t hurt religious sentiments.

Things you can publish on Geekzoned:

As long as your article follows the above-mentioned rules and is related to any of the following categories, you’re good to go!

  • Tutorials (PC/Android/Linux/Internet/Software/Earn Money)
  • Reviews (Smartphones/Laptops/Software/Apps)
  • The Top list (Software/Apps/Games/Smartphones/Laptops/Websites)

How to submit?

Simply fill up the form below. Submit correct contact information. I’ll contact you with further instructions within 24 hours.