Top 15 Best Alternatives of Popcorn Time To Watch Movies And TV Shows


Though there are lots of movie streaming sites and free movie downloads sites available on the internet but Popcorn Time is the best place for downloading and watching movies online. This website also comes in mobile app versions by which you can easily get the movie or any TV shows on your phone easily. While the Popcorn Time website or app are no doubt is excellent but this site does not provide all the movies which you want to watch. And watching movies and TV shows in your free time is the best idea for enjoying your moments but if you don’t find the movie which you want to watch then it is a big problem. So, you should always keep some ideas for other Popcorn time alternatives that will allow you to download and watch movies online for free.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some best alternatives to popcorn time to easily get or download all the movies on your phone or PC you want to watch. There are also so many website and mobile apps in which you can download the movie but all of them do not give you the right option to download the movies. Most of those sites are fake and full of adware. Majority of the websites gives you mirror link that will redirect you to other websites for downloads. So,we’ve done research and collected some top and best popcorn time alternatives for windows android and Mac to stream movies and tv shows online without having any issue. So lets jump right into the list

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Top 15 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives 2018 For Windows Android and Mac To Stream Movies And TV Shows


HDpopcorns is a website where you can find lots of latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This site does not content many ads so simply you will get the Movie you want to watch and start downloading in your desired quality and format like HD, MP4 etc. You can also download the subtitle of the movies so that you don’t have to browse through other websites for downloading the subtitles.

Rox Player

Rox player is also one of the best online sites for watching movies. You can download the software for Windows PC which will allow you to watch unlimited movies for free. Once downloaded you will able to use your PC into TV in which you can watch any movie for free using the Rox Player. So download the free software now and start enjoying HD movies.

Cinema Box

Cinema box app is a perfect Popcorn time alternative which you should download today. This website will allow you to download app for your Android and iOS device. The app will help you to download and watch unlimited movie and videos right on your Smartphone. So, no more searching and visiting to different websites for movies and simply get this app downloaded on your Smartphone to get access to unlimited movies to download and enjoy.


Stremio is a website for downloading and watching free online movies or videos. You can watch any video from the official online video streaming websites like- iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon etc. If you want you can also download the Stremio software for Windows PC, Mac or even for Linux platform too. You can create your playlist and also sync with your Facebook to share with your friends. Enjoy the latest YouTube Videos, new episode of your TV series and also the latest movies.


Hulu is a premium TV channel or website where you can watch the most of the TV shows which you watch on your TV. You have to pay only $7.99 per month to watch the TV or watch movies online. You can order for the movie you want to watch or TV series anytime so that you don’t miss your favorite episodes. This app is supported on all the devices like- Mac or Windows PC, Android or iOS phone.


This is the great place for Entertainment and one of the best Popcorn time alternative to watch Movies, daily Series, TV Channels, Music, Radio, and even Sport & Games. There are more than 90,000 movies which are free to download on your windows PC. This app should be downloaded first on your to PC to get access to the huge collection of movies. If you are using windows PC, simply download Zona and get started. You can also download games for PC or other gaming consoles too.


MOBDRO is also the Popcorn time alternative app for using on Android or iOS Smartphone. If you are looking for the free online sites for watching movie and TV series then you can download the Mobdro for sure. You can download the latest videos and also share on social media with your friends. This app is only 25 MB approximately; you can also switch to premium app for unlocking more features.


Novaroma is another website from which you can download the TV tools for watching on your PC. They are free to download and compatible for watching TV series and movies on your PC. They are very easy to use, simply download the application on your Windows PC and turn your PC into TV. We highly recommend this alternative to Popcorn time for you if you love to watch shows online.


This is the best site for watching all the TV Series online. You can select the English series, Hindi and other TV series. Besides, you can also download the latest movies as well. So just download the VUDU app for your phone and watch all the TV series on your phone and enjoy latest movies too.

Duck TV

Here we come to the No.10 on this list of best alternatives to Popcorn time. If you have to show anime or cartoon videos to the kids, then you should turn off the YouTube. It is not a good that you leave them alone with YouTube. So, for the best watchable kids friendly videos, you should turn on to Duck TV which is Child safe certified. You can find hundreds of cartoon series to watch, and also playing & learning shows that will entertain as well educate your child. This site will also let you see all the latest shows that are coming at a specific date and time on your favorite TV channels.


For those who love watching anime series, you should visit Crunchyroll site for sure. This is a free online video site and Popcorn time alternative for watching any kind of anime series for both Windows PC and Smartphone- Android or iOS. Just log in once with your email ID and get unlimited access to watch all the animated movies on Crunchyroll.

Cartoon crazy

This is another site for watching anime series online free which also contains lots episodes of cartoon series. You can browse any video by searching on the search engine and then watch them online on your PC. You can also follow cartoon crazy on Facebook and get the latest news and updates.


Popcornflix also gives you the free movie collection from which you could easily watch or download for free. Here, with Popcornflix you don’t have to download any apps simply get your web browser open the site and start downloading unlimited movies. You can select movies based on the genre like- Action, comedy, thrillers, horror, Sci-fi etc.


MovieZion is also a great movies site where you can find a huge collection of movies. Browse up to 31,894+ movies in this site consisting just released, movie trailers, popular on 2017, Top 200, just arrived HD, Upcoming Movies and much more. No need for download any application simply browses into the official website and start downloading your favorite movies.


NetFlix is among the best online streaming sites for watching movies and TV shows and also a perfect Popcorn time alternative you should try out. You can easily watch online on Netflix but you have to pay for it. You can get access to any movies and TV series free for the first month and later you can also switch to premium for unlocking all the important features on Netflix.


So, these are the top 15 best Alternatives to Popcorn Time. Popcorn time is a very good website for watching and also downloading latest movies & TV series. But as we have discussed earlier, you won’t get everything in a single site. If you want to watch Anime or cartoon series, you still have to search in other website. So, you should have other alternative options for the movie downloads. All the popcorn Time alternatives will allow you get so many Hollywood, Bollywood, Anime series and also TV series. And finally, all the alternatives are compatible with any device with Smartphone as well as PC so that you can enjoy movies in any device.



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