Top 10+ Best Free VPN For Android Smartphone 2018


Nowadays while travelling or hanging outside in restaurants or coffee shops with friends or family we find some public Wi-Fi connections. But do you know that it not that safe as you think it is to use the public free internet connection? Now, let me tell you why is that as we know that there are several free Wi-Fi internet connectivity, that are being provided to public to use the network within the give area of connection. It does come with risks like there is a high chance of getting your bank details information stolen, and then your social network accounts getting hacked. So how to actually get rid of such dangerous situation and how you use the public network connection safe and sound. Well it is not a hard job as you think you simply require is to install the best free VPN for android. Here, I will be providing you a list of Top 10 Best VPN for Android Smartphone 2018.

Not only that, using VPN saves your private bank information or social networks data getting collected by hackers. Apart from that, you can do lots other thing such using the IP address to get access permission. Suppose you are living in a county like India and then you are trying to access into US based IP address which is blocked in your region. To get an access into the IP address you are trying to get, you simple have to use the US IP address, using the VPN connecting with your device, just simple as that. Read the details specifically on the list of the Best free VPN for android 2018. Some of these are not available on Google Play Store and you need to download the VPN for free APK of these apps.

Top 10+ Best Free VPN for Android Smartphone 2018

Express VPN

You might be wondering what is so special about the Express VPN. Why has it been place on the top of the list? Express VPN is the best android VPN as it works very fast just like lighting. It is a log-free VPN for android free internet proxy service which is really impressive to use. Easy and quite simple to use, to activate just do some taps and then you are set to browse the internet very securely and safely. Express VPN features more than 145 connections location of several countries. It offers a type of encryption along with UDP and then TCP protocols as well.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is completely free to use and the right choice to get best free unlimited VPN for android device. It provides a free VPN proxy and allows you to connect as a hare for unblocking the sites. Ensures you safety from using public Wi-Fi hotspot network connectivity and protects your privacy as well. Simple to use Turbo VPN as it is fast to connect VPN proxy server, just one single tap. Smartly unblock the website that is having the free VPN proxy server.

Hola Free VPN proxy

Hola Free VPN proxy allows you to browse any website by selecting the location of any country. Get Hola today in your Smartphone as it completely free to use. Stay safe in the anonymous browsing mode as it ensures your safety and gives you more private. It is the only VPN that allows you to get an access in any content you want. Switch the location of several countries at anytime and in any place you want.

Super VPN

Super VPN is very simple to use and a free VPN client, just requires one single tap to connect VPN. It does come with the unlimited bandwidth, not only that also get the unlimited free trail time. Using Super VPN on your Smartphone will unblock all the access of the location wise restricted sites. To start using it, you don’t have to register and there is no need to set up any settings. Super VPN helps you to smartly encrypt the traffic of your internet connectivity.  It also regarded as the fastest free VPN for android.

Hotspot Shield Basic

Free VPN and unlimited to use with no any kind of restrictions. Hotspot Shield Basic can be activated with one single touch button to connect. Protect your personal information like bank accounts and other important data store in your phone from being hacked. It uses the military level SSL encryption to make sure that you are browsing securely. Make your online social network activities total safe and private with the best free VPN app for android.

Vypr VPN

vyprVPN brings to you the unmatched streaming speed with its premier privacy protection. It has the access to unblock the websites that normally cannot be accessed. Downloading VyprVPN in your android device will gift you single time usage of 1 GB data. It also features 2 continuous virtual private network connectivity, and then customer assistance of 24 X 7 along with the love support. It is also then best freeVPN for android 2018.

VPN Master

It is quite different than the rest of the VPN application in the list, there is no restrictions as it allows you to use torrents files. Share any of your desired files with the fastest free VPN for Android ever made. VPN Master is very simple to maintain as it comes with easy user-interface. Browse from more than 20 different region of the country, you will be able to unblock many sites like Netflix, twitter, Facebook, etc.

VPN Proxy Master


To start using VPN Proxy Master you require no username neither password, no limitation of bandwidth. It is perhaps one of the best free VPN for android phone that helps you to browse internet safely. You can have fun of using the multiple numbers of proxy servers, to unblock any of the block sites. Bypass of the location restrictions or internet filters or any kind of censorship with the highest speed connection. It encrypts the data with the help of open VPN protocols like UDP or TCP.

F Secure Freedom VPN


F Secure Freedom VPN is completely the next generation tool for the digital privacy and security. Using a single button you can keep your phone completely safe from the hackers and trackers. It features digital privacy, Wi-Fi security, no Geo-Blocks and unlimited bandwidth. Totally free from any kind of registration, no sign-up and nothing as such are required to use it. It is the best VPN for android free internet.

Fast Secure VPN

No limitation of bandwidth with the use of fast secure VPN, help you block YouTube or Facebook and many others. Protects you from the hackers while you connect to public Wi-Fi connections, choose any location of the country to get access into the sites which is not accessible from your location. Encrypt you internet connection data into the public Wi-Fi connection, easy to connect and use.

Flash VPN

Flash VPN is a unique VPN for Android as it offers free VPN proxy service; activate it with just one single click for connecting and setting the configuration. Maintain your privacy settings using the secure VPN encryption. To use Flash VPN in your Smartphone no rooted device is needed, besides that no limitation of the connection time. The VPN servers can be deployed into several multiple locations like US, Japan and England with this fastest free VPN for android.


As know you have learnt the name with details of the Top 10 Best VPN for Android Smartphone 2018. Install any one of the above mentioned VPN for android as it comes for free to download. These VPN apps will secure your Wi-Fi internet connection and allow you to browse safely. Surf internet wherever you go, it may be you are connected to an airport open Wi-Fi network or restaurant, hackers will no longer be able to collect your personal information such as Facebook or banking details. Get any of these Best free VPN for android 2018 which are completely trusted to be uses into your Smartphone.


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