Top 10+ Best KODI Add ons 2018 For Movies and TV Shows


Kodi is an open source media player application which you can use on any device either PC or Smartphone. And the most important thing using the Kodi is Kodi add-ons, which will help you to use on multiple operating systems featuring a 10-foot user interface. With the help of Kodi Add-ons, you can watch anything even on your televisions just like Chrome cast. If you are using the Android Smartphone, you can easily download the Kodi app on your phone. And using add-ons will enhance your experience of watching movies and TV shows for sure. In fact, Kodi add-ons are the best options for you to get any file from the internet without any interruption. So here, let us discuss about the Top 10 Best Kodi Add-ons for Movies and TV shows.

Here below we are discussing the top and best Add-ons for Kodi only for the Movies and TV shows. And all the Add-ons can be easily is used for Windows PC, Android phones, and even iOS devices. As a movie and TV show lover you are going surely love to add these add-ons on Kodi and enjoy. So, if you have Kodi, then you can easily get the Add-ons mentioned below.

Top 10+ Best KODI Add-ons To Watch Movies and Live TV shows

Popcorn TV

This is very quick and responsive Kodi add-on for watching movies. You can easily download and add this add-on on your Kodi app. This add-on will help you get most of the movies to watch them live on your Kodi media player. So once download and installed, you can browse so many movies and watch them online.


This add-on is very useful for Kodi that will help you browse a huge number of movies and also short videos to watch online with Kodi media player. This add-on comes with major platforms which any Kodi users can easily grab and enjoy the new and latest movies easily. Movies for Action, Drama, Comedy and folk tales of different countries are also available here.

This is also another add-on for watching movies on your Kodi. You will find a huge number of movie collections; you can watch the movies on either PC or phones. All you have to do is download this add-on and search for the movie which you want to watch and you are ready to watch any movie you want.


It is the acronyms for Stream All the sources. This is actually movie and TV shows streamers for watching on your Kodi app. They have the features like watching online movies, top 10 charts and much more, so if you want to watch latest movies then you can download SALTS and enjoy.


This is another movie and TV show streaming add-on for Kodi. If you are looking for more option you can choose for Phoenix. They have a huge collection of movies and TV shows that are quite a good add-on to have on Kodi. You can also watch the live episodes of your favorite TV shows so that when you are traveling you will never miss out any TV shows.


Manato TV is also one of the best Kodi Add-on for watching live TV shows and watch latest movies on your Kodi. There are huge collections of TV channels from which you can access to watch your favorite TV show. You can also search for the best movie list by which you can watch unlimited on Kodi using your Smartphone.

Netzkino movie

Netzkino allows you to watch movies for free and legally on Kodi. If you are looking for more options in searching the latest and trailer of the newest movie then you can use Netzkino Add-on too. This will also browse movies from other countries that will guide you to get the best movie on Kodi.

Sapo Videos

Sapo video add-on for Kodi will give you place for watching cartoon series. There are a huge collection of cartoon and animated movies which are the best place for those who are fond of animated movies. The features are also very easy to use, so download this add-on now and watch unlimited animated series. This add-on is best if you have kids in your house and want them show something special they like.

Couch Potato

The name of thi Kodi add-on is interesting so as the features. The couch potato is also one of the best online movie streaming add-ons for Kodi. This will give you a huge collection of movie and TV shows which you can easily watch using your phone or PC. There are also some cool features which will help you access to the top trending movies or TV shows easily. Just download this add-on and enjoy on Kodi.


If you are a sports lover, then you should not miss any important match or tournaments. You can watch any sports live on your Kodi which include football, baseball, cricket, soccer, and basketball events. So, keep watching your favorite sport only on ESPN add-on of Kodi app.


Now after watching sports, you should also know the latest sports news. And BBC add-on will help you to stream live news on your phone. If you want to watch some urgent news, simply install the add-ons and keep watching all the news live on your Smartphone with Kodi. This add-on will cover all the national international news so therefore it is good for you to have a news add-on on Kodi.


We all knows about YouTube, when it comes about watching movies and any funny videos or repeat TV show, then YouTube is the one you should Watch. If you like only the Kodi app, then no need to worry, simply get the YouTube Add-on download and play unlimited free movies and videos in your Smartphone.


So these are the complete details for top 10 Best Kodi add-ons for Movies and TV shows. But make sure you have already downloaded and installed the Kodi in your PC or Phone. This app is free to download on Google play store for Android and also APK files are available in different 3rd party sites. If you have to use it on PC, then you can use it using the Bluestacks Android emulator to run this App. The Kodi media player app is a very fast and also allows you to watch huge movies or TV show. One thing you must do in order to watch the movies on Kodi is by downloading Add-ons. Add-on of the specific website or TV channels will allow you to watch all the latest episodes which you will be watching it on your TV. So hope you have downloaded a Kodi Add-ons now and enjoying the blockbuster movies on Kodi.


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