[PC] 3 Techniques to Compress Images without Losing Quality

Long story short: The first way to compress images without losing quality is to use online compressing tools like TinyJPG or CompressNow. The second way is to install the RIOT tool on your computer. Then open RIOT, open an image, select quality. Hit save. The third technique uses Adobe Photoshop. In photoshop open the image, go to File > Save for web & devices. Then select jpeg as file format and choose a quality. Lower quality results in lower file size. Click Save. Done!

Note: This tutorial is mainly targeted for the computer users. A guide exclusively for smartphones is coming soon.

Extended version:

Let’s say you went on a vacation and the Internet Connection at the hotel sucks. And all of a sudden you need to mail a photo to someone.

Or suppose you’re uploading a photo to a website and it has a very low file size limit. In many such cases, you must compress the images. Doing so decreases the photo’s quality significantly. However, there are many techniques that you can utilize in order to compress the image size with minimum compromise in the quality.

1. Compress images online right from your browser.

If you don’t want to install any additional software, you can simply compress images without losing quality online through your regular web browser. Open your browser (works fine on Chrome, Firefox; had a bad experience with Edge).

Go to CompressNow.com. Upload your image(s). Select a compression level using the slider (higher value means lower file size and lower quality). After that click on Compress now button. You’ll see your compressed picture on the right side which you can easily download.

compress images without losing quality online

There are more such websites which can effectively compress photos. Here’s a list of some of the best websites to compress images online.

2. Compress using RIOT tool.

If you want an offline tool that can compress your images quickly, RIOT is one of the best software you can try.

Simply download it from this link. Run the installer. Do the next-next stuff. After the installation is complete, open RIOT. Now click the open button in the top left corner. Select the image you want to optimize.

Right after that, you’ll see a side by side comparison of that image. The left version of that image is your original uncompressed image, whereas the right side shows the compressed preview of the photo. You’ll also see the file size of both the versions on the top.

compress images using riot offline tool

Below that, you can select the format of the output file. Personally, I prefer JPEG or GIF unless I have to preserve transparency – in that case, I use PNG. If you choose JPEG, you’ll have a quality slider. You’ll get lower file size by lowering the quality (by sliding left).

PNG doesn’t always give good results. You can try by reducing the number of colors. For that, change the color reduction to Optimum 256 Colors Palette. For lowering more, Reduce colors to a lower number. However, I won’t suggest using PNG as you won’t get much compression in size, and it takes a lot of time to process. Hence, if you’re not working with a transparent image, don’t use PNG mode to compress images without losing quality.

In some pictures, GIF does a better job than JPEG. Hence, I try both the options while compressing my photos.

After that press the save button. Next, you’ll be asked if you want to replace the existing image or not. To do so, click Yes; otherwise if you want to save it as a new file, click No. Then choose a name for your new file and save it in your preferred location.

3. Compress images without losing quality in Photoshop.

If you have Adobe Photoshop installed, compressing an image becomes a whole lot easier. Simply open your image in Photoshop. To do so, right-click on the desired photo from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Then click Open With > Photoshop.

You can also open the image from Photoshop itself. Go to file, click Open. And select the image you want to open.

Then resize the file if it has large dimensions. You can check it by right clicking on your image file and then go to Properties > Details.

If you don’t need large height and width you can resize your picture. For that, click on Image > Image Size (shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+i in Windows or Cmd+Opt+i in Mac). Now, in the pixel dimensions section, reduce either width or height. Changing pixel of any one of those fields will automatically reduce the other’s value. If it doesn’t, make sure Constrain Proportions option is checked.

resize images in photoshop

After you’re happy with your dimensions, click OK. The file size should drop significantly just by resizing your file. And now we’ll decrease our file size further by compressing it.

To compress images without losing quality using Photoshop, simply go to File > Save for Web & Devices. And suddenly you’ll notice tons of things in a popped window. However, we don’t need all of those.

compress images in photoshop without losing quality

In the right sidebar select a file type. Like I said earlier, if you don’t have a transparent image, do not opt for PNG. Select JPEG or GIF. For JPEG, you will see a quality slider. Choose your preferred quality. You can preview your compressed image beside the sidebar. And right below that image, there’s the compressed file size.

Rendering in PNG takes a lot of time and doesn’t reduce the file size that much. Hence if you’re not compressing a logo or some other image that contains transparency in the background, choose JPEG.

After you’re happy with your settings, hit Save. Give your new file a sweet name and you’re done.

Thank you.

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