Firefox Quantum Browser

Mozilla has launched the latest update to their Firefox browser today. The new Firefox 57 update has been named Firefox Quantum. According to the company, this update is their largest update ever! This update is released on all computer platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What’s new in Firefox Quantum?

Mozilla says this is the fastest browser they’ve created to date. In fact, Quantum Is more than 50% faster than their previous versions. Firefox 57 is built on completely new technology that makes it blazing fast.

Another new thing is the refreshed User Interface. The UI (now called Photon UI) has been completely redesigned and looks pretty dope! The home page and new tab page has a new design. Unlike previous versions, opening a link in a new tab now takes you directly to that newly opened page. In the past, the new tab used to load in the background while you still had to stay on the current page. Though some people will like it, many (like me) will find it annoying.

Coming back to the speed – THIS FIREFOX IS FAST. I mean really fast! Opening new tabs and switching between tabs is buttery smooth. I tried opening large pages, Quantum still does a great job. Thanks to its new multi-process architecture that allows Firefox Quantum to use around 30% less memory than Google Chrome. Hence the speed.

Page loading speed is pretty amazing too. Heavy websites like Polygon, Verge or opened a lot quicker than I expected. And even with all these large websites opened, switching between tabs never lagged!

This is a revolutionary upgradation. According to Mark Mayo, Senior VP, Firefox, “Seventy-five percent of the code base had to be touched. Almost 5 million lines of code were impacted.” And the results are sweet.

However, there are some cons.

The cons.

For starters, the old add-on framework was thrown away. And hence, lots of extensions have been affected (discontinued) by this update and many people will find it annoying. The extensions that do not meet the standards of Firefox 57 are deactivated automatically when you install the Firefox Quantum. You can check those out on Add-ons > Legacy Extension. You’ll also have an option to replace those plugins.

How to Install Quantum?

Installing Firefox Quantum is easy! All your old bookmarks, saved passwords and add-ons will stay intact as they were before.

To install Firefox 57, go to this link. Click the Download Now button. An installer will be downloaded. After the download is complete, run the installer. Wait a few minutes. Done!


Firefox Quantum is by far the fastest browser I’ve used. Even after 1 hour of browsing, it didn’t lag even a bit. The UI is pretty practical. However, it looks like the UI has been compromised aesthetically for a better performance and usability.

To wrap it up, you should definitely give F57 a try. If you’re using Firefox 56 or older, consider updating it. If you’re a Chrome user, I won’t ask you to switch immediately, but if you do you’ll surely love Firefox Quantum.


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