How to Hide IP Address on Android [Free]?

Summary: This article answers one of the most common tech queries among newbie geeks – How to hide IP address on an Android smartphone? If you’re looking for a working solution to change Internet Protocol (a.k.a. IP address), continue reading this article.

Are you tired of your Internet Service Provider and the government blocking websites in your country? Fed up being spied all the time? Disturbed by the fact that you’re being watched by them every freaking time you go online?

Government and ISP Spying So Hide IP Address

If yes, then you landed on the perfect page. When you hide IP address on your Android device, all those barred websites will load properly. By concealing your IP address using one of the following methods, neither your ISP nor your Government’s IT team can see which website you’re visiting and what you’re doing there.

First of all, let me show you how do I hide IP address on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (which is running on Android 6.0 Marshmellow, by the way). And after that, we’ll go through all the technical theories and stuff later in this article.

But before I start, I just published another article on how to view wifi password on a Windows computer. So in case you’re interested, be sure to check it out.

Method 1: Hide IP Address on any Android using VPN

The procedure is quite easy and takes around 2-5 minutes, depending upon your Internet connection speed. Follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Install a VPN app.

Simply head over to PlayStore and search for a good VPN app. For this article, I used Turbo VPN (which is free and has over 10 million installs). However, there are literally tons of free and paid VPN applications on the store that you can utilize to hide IP address.

install turbo vpn to hide ip address

Step 2: Open the app.

Opening the app subsequently is really an essential step. You can not skip this step. Otherwise, the method wouldn’t work (*intentional post length stretching, love you Google, muah).

open turbo vpn to hide ip address

Step 3: Connect to a server

Now you have to connect to a server location. Most of the VPN apps provide more than one servers. For instance, on Turbo VPN you can connect to 6 different countries. The location you choose will be your virtual location afterward. This means the app will hide your original IP address and give you an IP of that country. If anyone tries to trace you back, he or she will end up in that fake location.

You can either manually choose your preferred country, or let your app choose the fastest server for you. Then simply tap the connect button.

connecting to turbo vpn

Skadoosh! You’ve just changed your IP address. Feel proud, you’re a #TrueGeek now!


Method 2: Hide IP address using Orbot

Time to step into the nerdy world of Tor. If you don’t know what Tor is, check out this article by Thorin Klosowski. But first, let’s use Tor to hide IP address of our Android mobile.

Step 1: Install Orbot and Orfox

In the PlayStore, search for a free app called Orbot: Proxy with Tor (the one with a purple onion logo). Install it. Now on the same page scroll down a bit; in the similar apps section, you’ll find another app named Orfox: Tor Browser (this one has a fox in its logo). Install it too.

install orbot orfox to hide ip address on android

Step 2: Connect to Tor.

After the installation is done, at first, open the Orbot app. Now from the screen tap on the Start button. Within 4-5 seconds you’ll be connected to the Tor network.

connecting to orbot tor

Step 3: Surf anonymously.

Next, tap on the Browse button just beside the Start/Stop button. This will open the Orfox app which you installed earlier. That’s it. You’ve successfully managed to hide IP address on your Android smartphone. Now you can open any website without being tracked.

surf anonymously

Caution: The Orbot by default hides IP address only within the Orfox app.


Test whether you’ve successfully hidden your IP address or not

To verify whether the procedure has worked or not, search for What’s my IP location in Google and open any one of the websites from the search results. Or simply, go to this website. The page will show your current IP along with its location. Now note down your IP address. Run the VPN and check the IP again. You’ll see that the location has changed to your desired country!

spoofed ip adrress location

So you’ve successfully spoofed your IP address. Now in case you need deeper knowledge about the technical terms (like VPN, IP etc.) continue reading this article. Or else, you may leave as well.


What is IP Address?

Internet Protocol address or in brief, IP address is a virtual logical address that is assigned to every computer (or any other device) which is connected to the Internet. In other words, if you have a house in a specific country, you’ll have an address so that someone can find you. Just like that your computer when connected to the Internet network, will be assigned a certain address – and that is your Internet Protocol address. And your location can be tracked using that IP address. That is the main reason why people hide IP address when downloading something or just surfing the web.

what is ip address definition

What is a VPN?

Let’s say you’re on vacation and all of a sudden you need to access your office’s network urgently. Usually, you’ll head over to the nearest coffee shop, connect to their public wifi and login to your office network. You do that, and bam. Say goodbye to your job. Anyone who knows how to use Firesheep can sneak right into your office network and ruin your life!

A Virtual Private Network (also known as VPN) can protect you from such attacks even if you’re on a public wifi. What a VPN does is, it enables an encrypted connection between your device and another network. This way, hackers (or Government or ISP) won’t be able to creep into your system and see whatever you’re doing.

what is a vpn definition

Since the connection remains encrypted, when your ISP or the Government feel curious about what their cute little subject (that’s you) is doing, they will be really disappointed as the only thing they’ll notice is this –


And not only that, as discussed earlier, it also hides your IP by replacing it with their own IP address. Someone trying to trace your location will find you’re on Uganda, whereas, you’re actually sitting on your couch watching Days of Our Lives with Dr. Drake Ramoray.


Au Revoir.

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