Remove video background on Android using Kinemaster

Long story short: To remove the background from a video using your Android smartphone, first record the video with a green backdrop. Then install a free app called Kinemaster. And in it, enable the chroma key feature. Finally, after tweaking its options a bit, export the video. Done.

Extended version:

Ever imagined how does Tony Stark fly in that iron suit? Or how is Barry Allen able to run so fast!? Spoiler: they don’t have any superpowers!

That’s VFX. All those impossible scenes are shot right inside the studio. And for that, they use something called the green screen.

What they do is, place a green screen in the background and shoot the flying or running scene. For example, in the popular TV series Flash, Barry Allen runs on a treadmill in front of a green backdrop.

Later on, the video clip is handed over to the editing and VFX team. They simply remove the green background using PC software like Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro. And with the background erased, they can add any desired background video which has been shot previously.

To be honest, those shots cost a lot. Most of us can not afford that much. So I thought of publishing this article on Geekzoned. Keep on reading if you want to remove the background from video using just an Android phone.

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Things you need:

  1. A green backdrop
  2. A smartphone running on Android 4.1.2 or above and rocking this configuration.

Once you own these, you’re good to go! Now, have a look at the following steps and try to do them on your own. But, first of all, bookmark this page (ctrl+D). You may have to come back later to this page for reference.

Step 1: Shoot the video.

Before anything else, you have to buy a green backdrop. You can buy it from Amazon or any local store. Here are some good backdrops available on Amazon –  this (US) or this (IN) one.

It’s a standard to use a green backdrop. But if you don’t have one, you can also remove background from video without green screen. In that case, you can choose some other color such as blue. For a better

But remember, no matter what color your backdrop has, you can not wear a same colored shirt or have any object inside the frame that carries the same color. So if you have a green backdrop it’s best to shoot the video wearing a black or red t-shirt. Read this article by Caleb Wojcik for a better understanding on

Read this amazing article by Caleb Wojcik for a better understanding on how to handpick the best background for your video.

Now you’ll need a support system to hold that backdrop. You can either buy a support stand or do some tweaks using clips to hang that green screen in the background.

Shooting video with green screen professionally

And if you’re shooting a flying scene, place that green piece of cloth on the floor. Lie down there and move your hands and legs like this guy.

After you’re all set, it’s now time to capture the video. If you want to be inside the video, then ask a friend to hold the phone or get a tripod to keep the phone pointing at you. Either way, shoot the video. Make sure to record with the highest resolution of your phone.

Step 2: Post-production

Install Kinemaster and open it. Tap on the Plus button. Select Empty Project. Tap on Media Browser. Choose a background. This will be the background of your video. After selecting a background, tap on the tick mark.

starting a kinemaster project to

Tap on Layers. Choose Media/Video. Now from here select the clip you shot earlier. Adjust the video according to your needs (crop/rotate/reposition).

selecting a video from gallery

In the timeline, you’ll see two layers. We’ll call the upper one background layer. And the second one, main layer.

identifying layers

Now you’ll notice that the background and main layer aren’t in sync. Long tap the main layer, and while holding the tap, drag it left and so that both the layers start at the same position.

Then make the length of both the layers equal, by extending or reducing the background layer.

adjusting the layer position

Now tap on Chroma Key. Enable it. By default, the key color will be Green. If you shot your video with a green backdrop, the areas with green color should disappear. If the backdrop is of any other color (other shades of green or completely different color), then choose your key color accordingly.

removing background from videos in android

Sometimes you have to adjust the sliders to get the perfect outcome. For me, the slider combination was 28:50. Yours may be different. Just fool around those sliders until you get a satisfactory result.


After you’re done editing the video, it’s time to export the video to the gallery. So that you can publish it on YouTube or share it with other friends.

For that, tap on the Share icon in the left sidebar (looks like this). And then Save Video to Gallery. In the next screen, you’ll have an option to buy their pro packs. Or you may continue without buying the professional edition.

Buying the monthly subscription will enable you to remove the watermark from the exported video. And also you’ll get full access to their premium resources.

Otherwise, if you want to save the video with watermarks, simply select the option that says – No, Thanks, save with watermark.

Now you can decide the video quality of your video. Choose High Definition. Or if you need your video in a smaller size, select Low Quality. And wait for it to finish exporting.

exporting a video in kinemaster

Done! You’ve successfully created an amazing video with awesome VFX. Go upload it to YouTube or send it to your buddies.

You are an awesome person!

You are indeed. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found what you were looking for. If you’re still confused, please watch the video version of this tutorial (gonna upload it on YT asap, subscribe for more updates).

And I publish this kinda stuff here every day. So if you need any help regarding technology, you know the address –!


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