Top 12+Best Torrent Sites 2018 [New Torrenting Websites]


You can find best torrent sites list here which contains some of the most popular and best torrenting sites for free torrents. Downloading contents from the internet is an everyday work, and everyone does that. If you are looking for something to download, then do consider using torrent websites 2018 for it. We have also added some new torrent sites in this list of torrent download sites so that you can find what you are looking for. Do note that all of these torrent website are best torrent sites 2018 and you can use them to download movies, software, games, eBooks and many more.

If you are new to torrenting, then first let us tell you about it a little bit. Torrent is one of the best way to download and share large files. Do you know that about billions of people use this technology to download and share files over the internet. There are hundreds of torrenting websites 2018 available over the internet, and people often become victim of fake torrent sites that offers viruses and malware in their files. So, to be safe, today we are going to share safe torrent sites 2018 to download torrents from. You can use below mentioned best torrenting sites to download movies torrent, games torrent, eBooks torrent, software torrents any almost anything.

Top Free Best Torrent Sites 2018 – Torrent Download Sites For Free Torrents

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is one of the best torrent sites available right now over the internet. The database of this website is huge as compared to other torrenting sites of this list. The design of this website is clean and simple which lets you easily browse through different torrent sections and there is a search box available on it too, which you can use to look for specific torrent downloads. All of the torrents of this website are moderated and verified, so you won’t be getting any kind of malware or viruses from it.

This website was taken down, after police seized its data center, but now this top torrent sites is available on a new domain name. You can now visit this best torrenting sites 2018 and download torrents for free.


Torrentz is basically a torrent search engine websites which lets you search for torrent file of your query. If you want to download something from torrent, then visit this website and search for your download on it. The best thing about this best torrent sites is that it provides you torrents from more than 75 torrent download sites.

You don’t have to visit torrenting sites 2018 one by one for downloading torrents. Instead you can use this search engine for free torrent downloads.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among most popular torrent sites 2018 and the design of this website is very neat and clean for faster navigation. You can download games torrent, movies, eBooks, software, po*n and almost all kind of torrent files from it. Another good thing about The Pirate Bay is that they have a separate page for TV Shows and Music torrent which you can visit right from the home page.

The official The Pirate Bay website was taken down by its own developers but there are many clones and copied websites of it are alive now, but you can visit the official The Pirate Bay website for free torrent downloads.

Torrent Downloads is a free torrent download sites and you can download almost all kind of torrent files from this website. Along with torrent downloading, it allows you to register on the site so that you can take part in the forums with other torrent lovers and upload your own torrent files. TV shows torrent, movies, games, software, anime, eBooks and many more torrents can be found on this top torrent sites. Though it shows you some advertisements, but that’s quite okay when you can getting so much of premium content in return.

Torrent Project (Torrent Search Engine Project)

Torrent Project is another torrent search engine website where you can search for a particular torrent and get results from multiple torrent download websites. This is one of the best torrent sites 2018, and torrents from more than 300 different torrenting sites can be found on it. Do note that this website checks your browser and internet whenever you search anything on it, so this is also a safe torrent website. Another good thing about this website is that it lets you vote for the torrent file you are going to download, so you can view the votes (Real/Fake) to know about the authenticity of the torrent.

Extra Torrent

This is one of our favorite torrent website because you can find almost all kind of torrent related information and torrent downloads on it. The layout of this website is very good and you can start downloading torrents right from the home page. This is also one of the most popular torrent sites 2018, and if you want then you can participate in the ExtraTorrent community as well to talk and chat with other torrent lovers.

This is among best torrent download sites where you can download torrents without registration and without paying. You can also upload your own torrent files on it, but for that you will have to register on the site to prove your authenticity.

YIFY Movies Torrent

YIFY Torrent is another torrent download sites, from where you can download movies torrent without sign up or registration. This website is termed as top torrent site of 2018 by many big websites and if you are looking for movie downloads via torrent, then you can’t find better place than this. YIFY movies torrent website have all kind of movies and that too in different video formats like 720p, 1080p and 3D.

Though there are many movie downloads sites available out there, but most of them doesn’t offer direct downloading. You can find this feature on Yify movies torrent website and don’t forget to visit its Daily Tracker page for latest movie uploads and news.


As the name suggests it a TV torrents online series website where you can find all kind of TV and movies torrent downloads. This is also a TV series forum where all of the TV series and shows lovers participate and talk with each other. The design of this website is clean, and on the home page you can see a list of latest added TV shows and series link to download. Moreover it also shows you schedule of TV shows which are going to be on Air. It is one of our favorite best torrenting sites which also posts about latest news related to TV shows, movies and TV series.


1337x is a torrent search engine site and a torrent download site as well. You can use its powerful search box to search for your torrents and then download them from the site itself. This website provides you torrent files which are safe and verified by the team, so you will not be downloading any kind of malware infected files from it. Torrents of almost all kind can be found on it, from movies to documents and from anime to applications, every kind of torrent files are available on it.


isoHunt is one of the oldest and most reputed torrenting sites of 2018 which is now live on a .to domain extension. You can use this website not just for torrent downloads, but to read about movies news, torrent news or participate in torrent community. This torrent download sites is being used by millions of users every month and for every torrent this website is perfect. You can also upload your own torrent on it, but before going live, it will be moderated by team members so that it doesn’t have any kind of virus or malware in it.

Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is among top torrent websites which may not be as popular as other torrent sites of this list, but it do have a good number of torrents to download. The database of this website gets updated daily, so don’t forget to check it every day if you are a torrent lover like us. Another thing to know about it is that it is blocked in some countries, so you can us VPN to access this site and do free torrent downloads. According to Torrent Hound, their database have about more than 8 million of torrents.

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is one of the most reputed and verified torrent download sites which can be used for unlimited torrent downloading. Though you don’t need to register for downloading torrents with it, but creating an account on it will let you add your own torrents and comments on torrent files too. Why we have added this torrenting site to this list of best torrent sites 2018 is because of its health bar feature. Each torrent shows a health bar, which you can see to know about how good the torrent is. On the home page, it displays a list of top 50 torrent files of the month for quick downloads.


Using torrent for downloading stuff from internet is easy, and you can use torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent to download contents of torrent file. Torrent is basically a peer-to-peer file sharing network, which is being used by billions of people from all over the world. We have tried to mention some of the best torrent sites 2018 so that you can download torrents without any worries. Along with torrent sites, you can use them as best torrenting sites to download movies, software and games.

Though there are many more free torrent sites available over the internet, but don’t forget to check the authenticity of torrent website you are going to use. There are many fake torrent sites alive out there, so use above mentioned safe and best torrenting sites without any worries.


  1. Thank you for your valuable post. Actually, I was frustrated with torrent sites. Maximum sites are blocked or didn’t work properly. But you mention few of them.
    Now I a using ExtraTorrent to download movies.
    I want to thank you again.


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