How to View WiFi Password on Windows 10/8/7?

Article Summary: Have you forgotten your WiFi password? This easy tutorial shows how to view WiFi password on a Windows 10 PC. This solution, however, will work for other Windows versions (e.g. Windows 7/8/8.1) as well. So without dawdling any time, let’s get started.

In this digital world, we’re all pretty active on the Internet. And because of that, we have to memorize tons of passwords all the time – one for Facebook, another for Twitter, and the list goes on. Sometimes it becomes really hard to keep all the passwords stored in that tiny brain. And in case you forget your wifi password, things can go really frustrating. Admit it, a day without Internet feels like Doomsday.

frustration without internet

Well, don’t freak out. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a quick and easy solution to finding your wifi network’s password on your computer. And this is not amongst the thousand other tutorials filled with bullshit. It actually works.

First of all, let’s break down the whole process. There are two methods. The first one works if you’re still connected to the network. The second method is for networks which you’ve connected in the past. Let’s begin with the first method. In the meantime, let me inject in some self-promotion. In case you missed my previous article, go check it out now.

If you are connected to the WiFi.

Being still connected to the WiFi network makes it easy for you to find the wifi password. Just follow the steps below to view WiFi password.

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center.

Right click on the little WiFi icon on the taskbar. From the popped up list, select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center‘.

open network sharing center to view wifi password


Step 2: Click on your WiFi network name.

You’ll see the wifi network that you’re currently connected to. You should see your wifi name and signal strength bar beside an option named ‘Connections’. Simply click it. Refer to the following screenshot for a better understanding on how to view wifi password.

network and sharing center view wifi password


Step 3: Open Wireless Properties.

Clicking on the wifi name will pop small window. Here find the Wireless Properties button and click the button.

wifi status view wifi password


Step 4: Find security tab.

Another small window called Wireless Network Properties will come out. From there, go to the Security tab.

find saved wifi password security tab


Step 5: Reveal the Network security key

Here you’ll see 3 properties. One of them is Network Security Key. This is the password of your current WiFi network. The characters are hidden though. To view wifi password, simply tick the option called Show Character.

revealed wifi password clear text

That’s the forgotten password of your WiFi network. You’re welcome. 🙂


View wifi password, if you connected to the network in past.

This method doesn’t require you to be connected to the wifi network in present. It will work if you’ve been connected to that wifi at least once before.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt with administrative access. For that in Windows 10/8/8.1, hit Windows+S and type cmd. And on Windows 7 press the Window button and start typing cmd. From the search result, right click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

open cmd to view wifi password


Step 2: Time to turn on GeekMode. No there are no such options on your computer, it’s in your brain. You know, the hormones and stuff. Nevermind. Skip to Step 3.

geekmode turned on geekzoned


Step 3: Copy the following line and paste it in command prompt. To paste, simply right click anywhere on cmd. Then hit enter.

netsh wlan show profiles

cmd network list to view wifi password


Step 4: You’ll now see a list of WiFi networks that you’ve previously connected to. Find out the desired network. Then copy the following command and paste it on cmd. Remember to replace the TheWifiName with the target network name (the one which you wish to view wifi password of). In my case, TheWifiName will be replaced with Geekzoned.

netsh wlan show profile name=TheWiFiName key=clear

saved wifi password revealed

Step 5: A list will show up. Find the Key Content option under Security settings section. That is your password. The key=clear string added at the end of the command so that you can view wifi password in clear text and not hidden in asterisk. 

Voila! You’ve successfully retrieved your wifi password back. Now you can call yourself a true Geek.


Final words.

final words meme

If you got stuck at any step, please refer to the video tutorial I embedded in this article. And in case, the video doesn’t solve your problem, you can ask me in the comments or start a thread in the Geek Club forum.



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